Why SunPower by PGT Solar?

SunSunPower Master DealerThe solar experts at SunPower by PGT Solar have more than a decade of experience designing solar energy systems for homeowners. With over 1,000 satisfied customers, PGT Solar has the expertise to help you build a brighter future and realize immediate savings—often with zero down.

PGT Solar takes the hassle and uncertainty out of solar. We’ll answer your questions, design an efficient system, review financing and leasing options, and coordinate with SunPower to install and maintain your home solar system.

Ask Yourself? Why Have a Third-Party Install Your SunPower® Solar Panels? When You Work with SunPower by PGT Solar, You Buy Direct from the Manufacturer, and the Manufacturer Installs and Services Your Home Solar System.

SunPower® Direct from the Manufacturer

✓Designed, engineered, manufactured, and installed by SunPower.
✓A 30-year track record of unmatched excellence.
✓The world’s most efficient solar panel.
✓An industry-leading, 25-year warranty.
✓Solar Technology – Panels Rated #1 For Durability & Cost-Effectiveness

Close-up view of a medium-sized home with a SunPower Solar system