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Maxeon Solar Cells By SunPower

The Maxeon solar cell from SunPower is the most efficient cell technology for the extreme temperatures in Arizona. Traditional solar cells become brittle and crack from the intense heat. Still, the Maxeon solar cells were designed by the world-class engineers at SunPower to hold up to those temperatures during Arizona summer months.

These cells are more efficient and dramatically better than the other solar panels on the market. SunPower offers the best solar solutions to homeowners in Arizona by integrating the Maxeon solar cell into all of their solar panels, including the A-Series, X-Series, E-Series, and P-Series panels.

The Maxeon solar cell offers unmatched quality and reliability to Arizona residents looking for the most efficient solar cells for their homes. Conventional panels don’t even compare to SunPower panels that are powered with Maxeon solar cells. SunPower panels typically produce 60% more solar energy than traditional panels, while covering the same surface space on an Arizona home over the first 25 years.

Traditional solar cells are far less effective, lose power over time, corrode, and become brittle due to the extreme heat and direct sunlight. SunPower is unrivaled in this area, with solar cells that don’t corrode or become brittle, the unique design of the Maxeon solar cell eliminates 85% of the reasons for conventional failure.